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External Social Pillar

External Social Pillar

At Diltex brands we are committed to the development of Mexico and the countries where we are present, through the continuous generation of initiatives and fostering the voluntary participation of our collaborators in actions that significantly impact the improvement of the quality of life of people, in the communities where we operate and society in general. 


Some of the initiatives carried out by Diltex brands:

Hospital Illusion Tlanchinol


The hospital inaugurated in 2006, is located in the Municipality of Tlanchinol in Hidalgo, being a collaborative donation between the State government and Diltex brands, bearing the name of one of our brands. 

It has the areas of pharmacy, laboratory, diabetes clinic, popular insurance, blood bank, oral health, psychology, internal medicine, emergencies, general surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, traumatology and pediatrics, the last three being the ones with the highest demand. 

Its staff is made up of 167 people, including doctors, nurses and administrators, who are divided into shifts to provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It should be noted that the 30% of the nursing staff speaks the Nahuatl language, which has been of great help in assisting more than 7,500 people, originally from the Sierra Alta population of this entity.

Breast Cancer Campaign

Por más de 10 años Diltex brands a través de su marca Ilusión ha apoyado a miles de mujeres para que cuenten con una prótesis mamaria que les ayude a sentirse más bellas y mejor consigo mismas.

Every year, in the month of October, we have 5 thousand prostheses that are requested through our stores so that our experts and their clients have access to them, this benefit is also offered to our collaborators.

The special thing about this project is not only the granting of the prosthesis, but also its handmade creation as such, since it is manufactured in our plants and is filled, thanks to a foundation for disabled adults, with flaxseed with the appropriate weight. . All of the above, creating a positive circle for society. 

Donations in kind


Our company has always been committed to supporting our communities at every opportunity we get. That is why, when we face natural disasters, we try to cover most of our needs through our products, in addition to always trying to respond to requests for help from different institutions.

Volunteering Diltex brands

At the end of 2020, our Volunteering was created, which aims to strengthen the philosophy of Diltex Brands and put it into practice with our collaborators and community, to contribute to a better world, thus fulfilling part of our strategic foundations.


  • We provide safety, well-being and satisfaction to our collaborators and we operate within a global society, with a strong commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability.


  • Be recognized for your social contribution to human betterment.


With everyone's participation we can contribute to a better world!