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The main activities that will be carried out are the following:

-He is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all the tasks and responsibilities of the boutiques and his staff, making the most of the resources to ensure the profitability of the company and the fulfillment of the objectives of the brand.

-Perform in conjunction with brand management monthly, biweekly and daily goals for stores.

-Establish goals and responsibilities for each member of the store team.

-Ensure that sales goals, control of internal operating expenses, inventory rotation and personnel established by the Management are met.

- He is responsible for generating and updating store processes in accordance with the brand's strategy.

-In openings and remodeling, he is responsible for coordinating the operational part of each store.


To participate in the position you require the following:

-Bachelor's degree completed

-Minimum 3 years experience leading sales and operations teams for retail stores.

-Availability to travel.


The benefits you will get:

-Attractive salary

-Excellent commission scheme.

-Law benefits.

- Benefits above the law (food vouchers, punctuality vouchers, PTU, among others).

To participate in the vacancy you need:

-Bachelor's degree completed in Marketing, Fashion, Public Relations or related careers

-Knowledge: basic in Google Analytics,
Intermediate English (essential, the interview will be conducted in this language) and excel intermediate.

-Experience: minimum of 2 years managing public relations, negotiation and acquisition of influencers (indispensable) and contact and speak to the media


The activities that you will carry out are the following:

-Design and implement strategies and creative plans for influencers and allies of the brand.

-Increase the influence and interaction with the Ilusión community in all social networks and points of contact.

-Potentialize brand campaigns and strategies in all channels and countries where we operate.

-Optimize campaigns and achieve sales goals.

-Generate and follow up on conversation reports through its own and public tools.

-Build and update dashboard of conversations in which illusion must participate proactively.

-Perform analysis and reports that allow decision making.


We offer:

-Competitive salary

-Law benefits

-Superior benefits to the Law (Pantry Vouchers, Punctuality Bonuses, PTU, Christmas bonus, Dining room, special discounts among others ..)

To participate you need ...

-School: Degree in Pedagogy, Psychology or a final (intern or graduate)

-Knowledge: Articulate 360 Tool (indispensable), Open Source, Moodle and image, audio and video editing tools.

Experience: Minimum of 1 year using the Articulate tool in training plans.

(The use of the tools is essential, in case of not using them please do not apply)


Functions to perform ...

-Act in a creative and innovative way to develop and integrate learning objects in our online training programs

-Collaborate in the design, development of didactic guides and session plans of the training programs aligned with the pedagogical methodology of the company.

-Design learning objects based on instructional design models that ensure and facilitate the learning of collaborators.

-Update training content in accordance with the policies and requirements that are presented.

-Execute the design, update and content development calendar.

-Design evaluation tools and learning evidences of the developed contents.

-Make video and audio recordings to generate learning resources.


It is offered….

Competitive salary

Law benefits

Benefits Superior to the Law (Food Pantry Vouchers, Punctuality Bonuses, Life Insurance, Canteen Service, Utilities, Aguialdo and Savings Bank).

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