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Moda Consciente

Internal Social Pillar

Internal Social Pillar

Code of conduct


We have a Code of Conduct for our employees, where we reaffirm our commitment to corporate values.


Within this code we find the following sections:


  • Illegal Practices
  • Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Sexual harassment
  • Safety and well-being at work
  • Activity outside the company
Diltex University


As part of the development of our collaborators, we have Diltex University, the area that is dedicated to learning and developing their skills.


We have training and education teams that aim to design and generate learning solutions through the use of innovative educational methodologies and tools, in order to develop the capacities and talent of the organization, its collaborators, business partners and potential clients, and thereby contribute to adding value to the business and to people's lives.


Our study plans are designed so that collaborators, through a curriculum map, can have the necessary learning and training to carry out the activities of their position, as well as accompany them in their professional growth within the company, enabling them through of programs that allow them to improve their technical skills, business knowledge and soft skills.

These are some of the learning programs that we have implemented and depending on the audience, we have tailored content, as well as a bank of support resources on soft skills issues.


  • Business knowledge
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales Map
  • Visual presentation in stores
  • Business indicators
  • Operation model
  • In-store training program
  • Health and safety at work
  • Effective feedback
  • Stress prevention and management
  • Planning and organization
  • Leadership
  • Talent management program

HIGG INDEX, developed by SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition), which is the most important institution in the world in our industry, to which brands and textile manufacturing plants with a global presence are affiliated. This certification is found in our plant:


  • Textile Manufacturing Plant: Tizayuca Textil Vuva, Carretera Mexico-Pachuca Km 50 Local C

The Higg Indicator through the evaluation of the FSLM standard has allowed us to evaluate the social and labor conditions present in the facilities as well as the effectiveness of the social management programs, for 2019 we obtained a general result of the 79%. 

To learn more about the Higg Index on which we measure ourselves visit:

WRAP certification (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production), through which we maintain the current certification of our plants for:


  • Manufacturing Plant: Maquiladora Hexa SA de CV Suc. Actopan: Carretera México-Laredo Km 121.7, Actopan, Hgo, Mexico. CP 42500 
  • Manufacturing Plant: Maquiladora Hexa SA de CV Suc.Mixquiahuala: Paseo del Agrarismo 2001. 9th Demarcation, 42700, Mixquiahuala, Hgo.
  • Manufacturing Plant: Maquiladora Hexa SA de CV Suc. Lagos de Moreno: Boulevard Orozco y Jimenez 2418, Col. La Esmeralda, Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Manufacturing Plant: Ilusion SA de CV Carretera Mexico-Pachuca Km 50 local A

Having the WRAP certification guarantees that we comply with the principles stipulated within it. Within these principles we find:


  • WRAP Principle 9 speaks of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining:
    • We have written procedures that recognize and respect the right of workers to exercise the legitimate rights of free association and collective agreement.
  • For WRAP, child labor is considered zero tolerance. Stipulated in principle 3 of the prohibition of child labor
    • The factory maintains a written procedure to avoid the use of child labor.

To learn more about the WRAP certification visit:

The rest of the plants are managed under the same standards:


  • Manufacturing Plant: Maquiladora Hexa SA de CV Suc Matehuala Julian carrillo #2001 Col Del Bosque, Matehuala, San Luis Potosí
  • Manufacturing Plant: Matehuala II Chiapas 501, Col. La Republica, CP 78470, Matehuala, San Luis Potosí
Health & Wellness


For more than 20 years, in Diltex Brands we have medical offices in the different plants and offices, which are equipped with everything necessary (facilities, lactation, instruments, materials, medicines, etc.) to provide a first-rate consultation. level. Additionally, the service focuses on preventive medicine, monitoring patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and carrying out campaigns that aim to reduce the number of employees affected by different diseases, some of the campaigns carried out are:


  • Vaccination campaign (Influenza, human papilloma, tetanus, etc.)
  • Breast cancer detection campaign
  • Campaign against obesity and overweight
  • Visual health campaign, among others.


During the pandemic, our medical service has been one of the important pillars to save the health of our employees in such a difficult situation.

Minimum hiring age


We have a policy that establishes that the minimum age to hire in the group is 18 years old. To guarantee compliance with it, our recruitment procedures include an interview guide for plant operating personnel, with which we validate the person's age, as well as an exhaustive review and validation of the candidate's personal documents.


In 2021 Diltex Brands, in alliance with Save The Children, signed the “Declaration to Prevent and Eradicate Child Labor and Protect Allowed Adolescent Work”.


Similarly, in 2014 our production plants received the “Mexico without child labor” distinction from the STPS.

"Safe Return" protocols (COVID-19)

Concerned about the safety and health of our employees during this COVID-19 pandemic, the processes of safe return to plants and offices were defined.


We have the following procedures in place, which we strictly adhere to:


  • Procedure for the prevention and control of health risks due to COVID-19
  • Procedure for access filters and handling of suspected and / or confirmed cases infected by COVID-19.